The beginning


How we came to the Abyssinian.

Silke came to this race via your mother , Monika Schildan-Maschke, your mother breed for now 10 years Abyssinian and is WCF All-Breed judge.

Silke´s first Abyssinian , our Cindy, a cat then was logically from the breed of her mother.


Gr.Int.Ch. Gabih´s Cindy von Rasputin


Andreas came , to the race of Abyssinians playmates fur unite his domestic cat Marlo as him searched. It had happened when around him he then read in a book about the race of Abyssinians.

It was love at first sight. He claimed to have this race. She looked like a mini-puma and had the appearance and the elegance of a wild cat.

Balu was then his first Abyssinians.


Gr.Eu.Ch. Tilsim dan Balu


Our love of this race has this the consequence for us have put the cultivation of this race for us to the heart now !




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