How did we come to our breedname ?

we thought it over which name would fit to a so raised and noble race. 

We read many books about the race of Abyssinians in which we pushed cat on the concept Pharaonen again and again.

This word fascinated us.

So we read many books, because there is what noble than an Egyptian name about Egypt now.

We finally got stuck at the Pharaonen names.

We searched after unite names now this one, however, also had to be rare with spezial sound and past.

So we met with the name Ahmose.

We immediately liked this name very much.


But who was Ahmose ?

Ahmose was a Pharao dynasty in 18th. He freed Egypt from his hand of strange conquerors.

He sold the ,, Hyksos´´ from Egypt and Nubien fetched back into the lap of Egypt.

Egypt was free again and had a new Pharao. He was Hero and Pharao in a person.

What does one want more ???


So Ahmose become our breedname !!!



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