CFA-Champion & Champion

Glendoveer Hellboy of Ahmose


Hellboy came together with  Sunshine from Canada.

He was born at 06.28.2007.

His Breeder is Deborah Feltham ( Glendoveer - Abyssinian )


Hellboy is PL, PRA, PKD  and PK negativ!!!


Hellboy in the age from 4 month......

6 month.......

and 1 year and 6 month!!!


His parents are :


Glendoveer Souleman     Habashah Moon Bean of Glendoveer


As we fly to Canada we think that we fly back to Germany with one female cat our little Sunshine.

But when we are by Debbie she told us that she have a young ruddy boy by his son and when we want we can see him.

At the next day, Debbie´s son come and as the young ruddy boy look at us he have had catch our heart.

So we must fligh back to Germany with two cats. :-)


At 06.20.2009 we was with Hellboy on a Catshow in Baden-Baden.

Now he is a Champion!!!

On this pictures Hellboy are 2 years old.









On this pictures Hellboy are 1,5 year old.






Today you can see new picture´s from Hellboy.

There are from his first Catshow at 12.09.2007.









Now you can see picture´s from Hellboy by Debbie.



Hellboy with.......


his mother.




Hellboy is a little crazy boy, he is very playful and stop for nothing.

With our other cats he have a very good understanding and play with our little boys and Sunshine.

But he is also very affectinate and loves us.

Here you can see the first picture´s from Hellboy in his new home.






Now we see in the future and looks with many interesting on his develop.

Now we have a wonderful basic with Hellboy and Sunshine to start our 0380-Breed.



Thank you Debbie for this young Hellboy!!!



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