Ahmose´s Hektor





Hektor at the age from 8 month  

Hektor at the age from 15 month


and at the age from 2 years and 4 month.


Hektor was born at 06.05.2006 with 2 Brothers.

Hektor´s parents are :



CFA-Champion. & World-Champion

Ahmose´s Expression


CFA-Champion & Grand European Champion

Ahmose´s Bijou


Today you can see fantastic pictures from our boy Hektor.

On this pictures he is 3 years old.











Here you can see pictures from our boy Hektor.

This pictures are from the last weekend (02.14/15.2009) and you can see Hektor

at home and Show.



Hektor by us at home.......


and witth his friend Hellboy.....


here he is at the show and wash his coat.....;-)


than he open his eyes......


and wait that he can present........his......


perfect condition......and win this show!!! :-)



This are the newest pictures from Hektor.

This picture was from a catshow at 10.05.2008








This picture are from the CFA-Show at 03.03.2007 in Wijchen ( Netherlands ).









This pictures are from 11.05.2006.



Hektor in the age.....


from 5 month.


He have a wonderful präsentation.....


and he is a very affectionate boy.


At this picture you can see Hektor after his first winning from a catshow at 14.10.2006.

On this show he was 4,5 moth old.



Hektor is a young male with a very good expression.



Hektor in the age ......


from 15 weeks.


Hektor is a very relaxt cat,

that relaxt typ you can also see by his father.



Hektor in the age


from 8 weeks.


Here you can see two picture´s from Hektor with his father Expression.



Hektor love it to be by his father.........


and he search Expression that he can sit by him.


Now you can see group-picture´s from all 3 boys.







Here you can see Hektor with his brothers and his mother in the age from 2,5 weeks.





On this pictures you can see the kitten one day after his birth.