Grand European Champion

Ahmose´s Gina




Gina was born at 12.11.2005.

Gina´s parents are :




CFA-Grand Champion. & World- Champion

Abbyhouse Oscar of Ahmose


European - Champion

Aby Rasputin´s Charni of Ahmose

Here you can see new picture´s from our lovely Girl Gina.

This picture´s are from 11.05.2006.











Now you can see new pictures from our little Darling Gina.

On this picture´s she is 5 month old.







Gina ist our little crasy girl.

Much fire is into her red color.

She loves her people, but nothing is safe from her if she plays.



Gina at the age ......


from 12 Weeks.


Gina is our lovly girl.

Of her type one sees very much of her parents what is very well.



Gina in the age.....


from 9 weeks.





Gina in the age from 4 weeks and.........


with 6 weeks.