World - Champion & CFA-Champion

 Ahmose´s Expression



Expression with 3,5 month.....

with 8 month......

and today with a little bit more as 10 month.


We are very proud of Expression!

He was our first breed-male from our own breed.

But today it´s comes the time that we think it is the right moment to neuter him.

So he can have a stressful life (without crying female cats) ;-)


Expression´s is  PRA, PL and PK tested negatively !


His parents are :

Father :  International Champion  Fa-Ying Yannich Yazoo

Mother :   International Champion  Aby Rasputin´s Charni of Ahmose







Expression are born at 04.29.2004 into a 3 male-litter.





He have a very good development so we think that later he is a very nice adult male!




Expression have a very......


nice color..........


and a wonderful........


expression !!!


Now wie hope that he help us that our breed go a step forward !

Now he was at his first cat show.   :-))



Here you see him......


by his first show......


and than.......


back to home !


Now you can see Expression at his first CFA-Show.



Expression was very cool....


and  in one Albreed-final the 5 best cat .


Now you can see new picture´s from Expression !



On this picture´s is Expression.....


8 month old...........


and we think that he have........


a wonderful Expression !!!




On this pictures you can see Expression on a CFA-Show at 01.15.2005 in Rheinberg ( Germany )











Now here you can see new picture´s from Expression from 03.14.2005









Today you can see a new picture from Expression.

On this picture Expression is 13 month old.




Now today here you can see new picture´s from Expression.

This picture´s are from 11.12.2005.









Today you can see new pictures from Expression.

On this pictures you see Expression in the age from 4 years.